Our dream is to change the world and make it last. That’s why we need your support to empower students, teachers, and staff with the educational tools, resources, and safe spaces they need to turn this into reality.

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve prioritized high quality education for our students. What’s more, we’re continuously maintaining and sanitizing our buildings and grounds for a safe environment for all.

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Now, with your support of our fundraiser, we can achieve the following goals:

e-Learning R&D for our Character Education Curricula

Children across the US have experienced interruptions to their education like never before. While e-Learning helps bridge this gap, further funding will allow our staff to harness this technology through research and development of interactive, multimedia curricula. Doing this, we can vastly improve virtual teaching and virtual learning experiences.

What’s more, these improvements would directly bolster our current character education curricula, where our educators focus on strengthening the emotional and social toolkits children and young adults need to navigate life’s many challenges, including those brought on by the pandemic. These happen with everyday lessons, and even parents have noticed the difference it has made on their children learning from home.

New Teacher’s Development and Training Center

Educators are the backbone of every school. That’s why we’re investing in their training and continued development to bring our rich character education curricula to life. Upon completion of Tzu Chi Character Education training, teachers will receive certificates that allow them to teach character education at other institutions, too. With this center, we can set aside a dedicated space for training, provide materials, and more. Ultimately, it will improve teacher retention and ensure our teachers keep learning throughout their careers.

New Environmental Protection Education Center

To help students and parents better understand our environmental impact, we are creating an educational center at the Tzu Chi Education Campus in Walnut, CA that includes three components.

The first is the Life Science Garden, a fully operational outdoor space where students and their parents can get hands-on experience growing vegetables and fruits, and learn about organic farming techniques. Continued funding ensures we have enough tools and supplies to keep the garden going year-round.

Then, over the next three years, we are creating an Educational Exhibition Center that breaks down complex environmental issues. Topics include the climate crisis, impact of fast fashion, eco-friendly dietary choices, ocean pollution, and so much more. Support for this trailer buffers construction costs and enables the creation of eye-catching designs that will hit home.

Finally, we are building an Adventure Ropes Course to help children and young adults get rigorous physical activity while exercising their problem-solving skills and self-confidence. Support for this component purchases the required equipment that fosters healthy sportsmanship.


With your generosity, we can ensure our students, parents, teachers, and support staff have the resources and opportunities they need to dream bigger and do more good in the world. Tune into our program on June 19 to support Tzu Chi USA’s educational mission!

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