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Elementary School Student Affairs & Communication Specialist

Walnut CA


School-wide Leadership
  • Support the school principal to promote school wide priorities and expectations for the school vision
  • Build professional relationships with and support teachers, staff, and families
  • Support day-to-day campus needs for supervision, student support
  • Supports the school principal to establish a safe and secure learning environment for students Supports the school principal to comply with the WASC accreditation requirement
  • Participate in school events and activities.
Instructional Support and Management
  • Provide direct supervision and assist in conducting classroom observations for all teachers.
  • Support the school principal to provide targeted coaching to classroom teachers to ensure daily practice is supportive and fosters learning
  • Support the implementation of the school-wide professional development plan, including facilitation of small group and whole group sessions as needed
  • Perform a variety of administrative duties to assist the school principal and managing the school; assumes the duties of the school principal in the absence of the school principal and as assigned
System of behavioral supports
  • Promote positive student behavior through clear expectations and positive reinforcement
  • Communicate daily with students and teachers about student behavioral needs and supports
  • Assists Student Life Coordinator and P.E Teacher in planning student life activities including athletics, programs, social activities, music and drama activities, student governments, assemblies, contests and publications, as appropriate
  • Respond to and coordinate responses of other staff to student behaviors
  • Design and ensure implementation of behavioral support plans
  • Document behavioral incidents and interventions
  • Assist the school principal in analyzing behavioral data and planning a response to date, including identifying teachers who need additional support with classroom behavioral supports
Internal & External Communication
  • Engage with the school community, including staff, parents, and students, to foster a collaborative and supportive environment, gather feedback on school initiatives, and promote involvement in school activities.
  • Take pictures and create videos of school events to document activities and enhance school communications through various platforms.
  • Manage the school website and optimize the school’s web presence.
  • Develop and design the school yearbook
  • Make effective use of social media, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Line, WeChat, etc. by posting timely updates of select school events using high quality images, videos, and text, preferably in English and Chinese.
  • Reach out to community leaders, elected officials, etc. to raise awareness of the school.
  • Liaison with other schools and organizations who share common values and missions for networking and development of shared resources and programs.
  • Develop and utilize other communication means to promote the school, including but not limited to newspapers, conventional and digital publications, radio and television networks, paid advertising, and more.
  • Manage the branding of the school, including creating, reviewing, and revising videos, all printed materials, including but not limited to flyers, brochures, and posters.


Bachelor’s degree, master (preferred)




$24.77 – $29.03 per hour


40 per week


  • Dental insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Paid time off
  • Vision insurance


Walnut Elementary School


Please email your resume to [email protected]. Tzu Chi Foundation USA is a nonprofit organization. We offer competitive benefit package including paid health insurance, vacation, sick leave, and more.

Send an Introduction and link to portfolio or relevant experience. Please include job title in subject line.

Send an Introduction and link to portfolio or relevant experience. Please include job title in subject line.