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Learning with Love: Tzu Chi Volunteers Share Character Education Programming with School Staff

One of Tzu Chi’s greatest joys is seeing the ways in which its mission is mirrored in other important endeavors everywhere. Volunteers saw this very connection when they visited Katherine Johnson Technology Magnet Academy on August 11, 2022. Staff learned about Tzu Chi’s character education programming and accepted a proposal for Meatless Monday at the school.

News and Updates

Tzu Chi Launches Online Character Education

Teachers from around the world come online to learn how to conduct character education courses. Photo/Courtesy of Tzu Chi Education Foundation Written by Wendy WangTranslated

Character Education

Character Traits | 3R’s Field Trip | Everyday is Earth Day | Mentoring & Tutoring | Volunteer  “Over time, we can build greatcharacter, achieve great success and cultivate great virtue.” – Jing Si Aphorism ByMaster Cheng

News and Updates

Tzu Chi Great Love Preschoolers Celebrate Their First Educational Milestone

Two Tzu Chi Great Love Preschools in Southern California organized a gratitude and blessing graduation ceremony for their graduating students. Teachers presented each student with a tassel and handed them their first graduation certificate and graduation gift, marking an important milestone in their lives.

News and Updates

Knowledge and Action at Work at the Walnut Education Campus

The President’s Volunteer Service Award Ceremony was held on December 3rd at the Tzu Chi Walnut Campus-Life Science Garden in Los Angeles. The awards were presented to volunteers who are dedicated to serving the community and the environment.

News and Updates

Tzu Chi Education Begins Its Return to the Classroom in California and Texas

In March of 2020, when multiple states established shelter-in-place procedures to safeguard communities during the spread of COVID-19, many presumed the pandemic would only last a few months at most. Yet, more than a year has passed, and the pandemic is still ongoing. During this time of great uncertainty, people’s lives and routines have faced myriad transformations. This also included the youngest members of the community, as schools closed and quickly shifted to facilitate remote learning. In February, however, the CDC announced that students from pre-K to K-12 would be allowed to return to school for in-person learning, provided careful guidelines could be upheld.

“Dream Big, Do Good” Tzu Chi USA’s Education Mission Virtual Fundraiser

With your generosity, we can ensure our students, parents, teachers, and support staff have the resources and opportunities they need to dream bigger and do more good in the world. To do so, we’re raising funds that will support e-Learning research & development for our character education curricula, a teacher’s development and training center, and a new environmental protection education center.

Donate today and tune into our program on June 19!