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Elementary School

We are launching our new “Gardening and Ecology for the Earth” program this Fall! LEARN MORE “Love eliminates chaos in society.” – Jing Si Aphorism Tzu Chi Elementary School WALNUT, CA At Tzu Chi Elementary School, we understand that in a global society often lacking compassion and wisdom, incubating these qualities in the next generation is of great importance. We teach critical thinking skills and foster the building of character while

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Gardening & Ecology for the Earth

Starting 9/6/22 ~ 12/13/22, every Tuesday and Thursday at 9:15 ~ 10:00 AM for 14 weeks, a natural science class will be offered at Tzu Chi Elementary School in partnership with Tzu Chi Life Science Garden in Walnut. It is designed for 1st~5th graders, only available to Tzu Chi Elementary School students. A professional instructor from the industry will provide an unparallel learning experience to incubate future ecologists and environmental

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Altruism, One Small Bite at a Time

Just like Dharma Master Cheng Yen’s adult disciples, students at Tzu Chi Walnut Education Park take initiative to end all suffering (in their own small way). Children of all ages have the opportunity to eat healthy, plant-based meals and learn about how they are saving the Earth at the very same time.

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Recognitions We are privileged to have received the following commendations and awards. California State Assembly, 2022 Certificate of Recognition City of Monrovia, 2022 Certificate of Recognition 1st District, County of Los Angeles, 2022 Commendation California State Senate, 2021 Certificate of Recognition California State Assembly, 2021 Certificate of Recognition United States Senate, 2021 Certificate of Commendation 5th District, County of Los Angeles, 2021 Commendation City of Monrovia, 2021 Certificate of Recognition

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Tzu Chi Education Foundation Spreads Awareness As Students Take The Lead

Tzu Chi Education Foundation of the United States held a market at the Walnut Farm to promote vegetarianism and raise funds for Taiwanese vaccines. The picture shows the volunteers introducing the plants of the farm to the guests. Photo/ Yung Chung Tseng Written by Lu Tzu Li and Chien Chun LiTranslated by H.B. QinEdited by Maggie Morgan The Tzu Chi Education Campus’ Life Science Farm in Walnut, California is usually

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Tzu Chi Education Begins Its Return to the Classroom in California and Texas

In March of 2020, when multiple states established shelter-in-place procedures to safeguard communities during the spread of COVID-19, many presumed the pandemic would only last a few months at most. Yet, more than a year has passed, and the pandemic is still ongoing. During this time of great uncertainty, people’s lives and routines have faced myriad transformations. This also included the youngest members of the community, as schools closed and quickly shifted to facilitate remote learning. In February, however, the CDC announced that students from pre-K to K-12 would be allowed to return to school for in-person learning, provided careful guidelines could be upheld.

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A Community Finds Peace and Wisdom in Nature

During the pandemic, what was once a lively garden where children joyfully frolicked with friends had suddenly become a very quiet space. California had issued stay-at-home orders to uphold the wellness of communities, and guests couldn’t come to visit the garden. After some time and thoughtful discussions, however, the hopes of Tzu Chi USA’s education team had come to fruition through the reopening of a “Life Science Farm,” allowing the children to once again bask in the sunshine, birdsong, and fragrant flowers.

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