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“Love eliminates chaos in society.”

– Jing Si Aphorism

Tzu Chi Elementary School

At Tzu Chi Elementary School, we understand that in a global society often lacking compassion and wisdom, incubating these qualities in the next generation is of great importance. We teach critical thinking skills and foster the building of character while providing an enriched academic experience. We also offer a learning environment that exhibits our dedication to working together with students, parents, and the community to ensure that each student can reach their full potential.

Our Objective

We support our students in acquiring the essential critical thinking skills and strength of character required to ACT – Achieve, Contribute, and Thrive in a global society. Our thematic approach to character education keeps students motivated, reducing classroom distractions and encouraging scholastic and social engagement. Through the maintenance of strong teacher-student relationships, our students receive the mentorship and emotional support needed to achieve academic excellence while cultivating virtues in a rich and culturally diverse environment.

The Tzu Chi Way

Once the seeds of gratitude, respect, and love have been planted in the minds and hearts of our students, it is then time to nurture the growth of the complete person. In our elementary schools, we build upon the foundational education provided in our preschools by guiding students to develop and practically apply the positive character traits of kindness, trustworthiness, and integrity in their continuing education and everyday life.

A Method That Builds Character

Our thoroughly researched and tested thematic learning methods are applied to our rigorous curriculum and complemented with periodic assessments in order to effectively support achievement and character development. Throughout the school year, our teachers conduct student assessments, which are shared with parents to offer feedback on their child’s progress and gain insight on which teaching techniques work best for their learning style. Our faculty then adapts the course content to fit the student’s learning style in order to accommodate and support their needs and overall success.

Our Education Programs

Bilingual Learning

Our bilingual English and Mandarin academic program combines instruction in English with multiple Mandarin Language and Cultural Development classes at each grade level: The class comprises reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

Enrichment Program

We believe in a well-rounded education, and combine our academic curriculum with an Enrichment Program. The program includes STEAM, Character Development through Service Learning; Visual and Performing Arts; and Physical Education.

Character Education

We nurture virtue through a character education program that offers daily opportunities to reinforce learning. The character traits fostered are tolerance, respect, responsibility, gratitude, giving, compassion, courage, contentment, and perseverance.