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“With love, one will enjoy harmonious
relations; with
harmonious relations,
there will be peace.”

-Jing Si Aphorism By Master Cheng Yen


Our Humanistic Education Department plans and hosts a variety of camps such as Spring Camp, Summer Camp, Winter Camp and International Summer Camp. We aim to enhance children’s interpersonal skills through fun, interactive group activities while helping them build good character, develop self–esteem, and acquire self-management skills for life.


1920 S. Brea Canyon Cutoff Rd, Walnut, CA 91789

Ben Tu
909.895.2125 ext 3011
[email protected]

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Upcoming Camps

Discover what’s on the horizon and locate your nearest camp event

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2022 Summer Camp

Our Summer Camp provides a joyful and enriching ten-week program focusing on filial piety and environmental protection. Academics and activities include Chinese, English, Math, Character Education and much more, Through our diverse summer camp program, we help each child to build self-esteem and compassion in his/her life.

New Programs

Tzu Chi USA’s Life Science Garden

Tzu Chi’s Life Science Garden is located on the Tzu Chi Education Campus in Walnut, California. This little paradise is open to the public every Wednesday and Saturday, and all of the hands-on activities offered are suitable for both children and adults. As you continue to invest your love and care into the garden, you’ll witness the wonders of the natural world as leaves unfurl, and you attain the rich returns given by nature.  

Tzu Chi USA’s New Environmental Protection Education Center

Tzu Chi’s Environmental Protection Education Center is a space dedicated to appreciating the natural world and the interconnectedness of all life. At the Center, various activities are available for guests to explore. Through these engaging activities, one can learn about ways to conserve and protect the Earth’s resources, and recycle effectively. 

Tzu Chi Sprout Volunteer Program

The Tzu Chi Sprout Volunteer Program provides children with an opportunity to learn and grow through experience. By participating in various volunteer services, one can discover the true meaning and value of helping others. The program’s first phase includes volunteering at the Life Science Farm and gradually extends to other projects. Depending upon the number of volunteer hours logged per year, participants may be eligible for the President’s Volunteer Service Award (PVSA), honoring the contributions of young community volunteers.

The President’s Volunteer Service Award

Tzu Chi Education Foundation is a President’s Volunteer Service Award-certified organization. It is qualified to apply for the President’s Volunteer Service Award on behalf of Tzu Chi Sprout volunteers who have completed eligible service hours. During a period of 12 months, Tzu Chi volunteers who complete a minimum of 26 hours of service (5–10 years old) or a minimum of 50 hours (11–15 years old) may apply to Tzu Chi Education Foundation’s Humanities Office by January 15 each year with their volunteer service certificate and related documents.

Our Camps

International Camp

Tzu Chi Summer Camp (TCSC)

Our international summer camp provides students from Tzu Chi Schools in Taiwan the opportunity to experience different cultures and broaden their horizons. The program guides participants to become independent thinkers and compassionate leaders through the camp diverse curriculum that includes English Language instruction, history tours, volunteer work, and humanistic culture classes.



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Spring Camp

In celebration of Spring, our first camp of the year offers fun activities and volunteer experiences. Children can learn to appreciate everything around us, they can build up new friendships, and discover the joy of helping others while cultivating the spirit of love and gratitude.

Summer Camp

Our joyful and enriching ten-week Summer Camp consists of: English, Math, Chinese, Spanish, Character Education, Science, Humanistic Culture, Sign Language, Arts & Crafts, Paper Clay, Decoupage, Hip Hop Dance, and Sports. 

This year, we will have exciting new Outdoor Adventure Education, Computer Technology, and Robotics STEM classes and the 5-6th Graders will engage in the new curricula of English Writing, Pre-Algebra, Public Speech, Coding, Theme Research, Exploration Education, and Leadership Challenge

In our program, children will learn, explore, and discover, developing their multiple learning ability, promoting inventiveness and building their self-confidence.

To complete the enrollment, please fill out the forms and turn in with a check in the main office.

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Winter Camp

Our Winter Camp celebrates a joyous holiday season with engaging activities such as ornament making, arts and crafts, and much more. Children learn the true meaning of Christmas by sharing and giving back, while getting into the universal spirit of many traditional cultural holidays which commemorate connection, love, and gratitude.

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