Tzu Chi Education Begins Its Return to the Classroom in California and Texas

In March of 2020, when multiple states established shelter-in-place procedures to safeguard communities during the spread of COVID-19, many presumed the pandemic would only last a few months at most. Yet, more than a year has passed, and the pandemic is still ongoing. During this time of great uncertainty, people’s lives and routines have faced myriad transformations. This also included the youngest members of the community, as schools closed and quickly shifted to facilitate remote learning. In February, however, the CDC announced that students from pre-K to K-12 would be allowed to return to school for in-person learning, provided careful guidelines could be upheld.

A Community Finds Peace and Wisdom in Nature

During the pandemic, what was once a lively garden where children joyfully frolicked with friends had suddenly become a very quiet space. California had issued stay-at-home orders to uphold the wellness of communities, and guests couldn’t come to visit the garden. After some time and thoughtful discussions, however, the hopes of Tzu Chi USA’s education team had come to fruition through the reopening of a “Life Science Farm,” allowing the children to once again bask in the sunshine, birdsong, and fragrant flowers.

Long Island Education Specialist

Long Island Education Specialist Long Island, NY JOB DESCRIPTION: Comply with State Licensing Child Care regulations including completing and submitting the state-required application package. Assure compliance with applicable state and county codes and regulations during Preschool’s set-up period.  Assure Preschool’s environment and classroom set-up are in compliance with Tzu Chi philosophy.  Prepare periodic reports on […]

“Dream Big, Do Good” Tzu Chi USA’s Education Mission Virtual Fundraiser

With your generosity, we can ensure our students, parents, teachers, and support staff have the resources and opportunities they need to dream bigger and do more good in the world. To do so, we’re raising funds that will support e-Learning research & development for our character education curricula, a teacher’s development and training center, and a new environmental protection education center.

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Elementary School

“Love eliminates chaos in society.” – Jing Si Aphorism Tzu Chi Elementary School WALNUT, CA At Tzu Chi Elementary School, we understand that in a global society often lacking compassion and wisdom, incubating these qualities in the next generation is of great importance. We teach critical thinking skills and foster the building of character while providing […]


2020 – 2021 Preschool AGE REQUIREMENT 2 years 6 months to 4 years 11 months (toilet trained and completely independent of the bottle) If you are interested in putting your child’s name on our Preschool or Elementary School waiting lists, please follow the four steps below. STEP 1 Apply to enroll by providing the following information: […]

About Us

“We educate our children with Great Love to cultivate kindness, trustworthiness and integrity” The end of construction for Tzu Chi Southern Region’s campus in Houston was a dream come true for everyone involved. The project began in 1996, and everything was finally complete in 2014, including a building that now houses Tzu Chi Great Love […]


2021 – 2022 Preschool AGE REQUIREMENT 2 years 6 months to 4 years 11 months (toilet trained and completely independent of the bottle) Wait List Notifications: Waitlist applications will be accepted from September 1st – December 15th a year prior to meeting the age requirements. All Wait List Application fees are non-refundable Priority will be given to children currently […]

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Each day is a learning adventure at our preschool in Walnut, CA.