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Inspiring kindness, responsibility, and integrity through character education.

Our highly-trained teachers take great care to guide our students toward a life of honor, integrity, and compassion. Constantly improving through annual training sessions and seminars, they never forget how it feels to be a student and to learn something new. Their patience and attentive sense of empathy allows them to continually adapt the mode of instruction or curriculum to best suit the needs of each individual student.

Educating with Great Love and Devotion

Using age-appropriate activities based on thematic learning, our teachers are dedicated to instilling the virtues of gratitude, respect, and love, and fostering positive character traits such as kindness, honesty, integrity, and responsibility. Our rigorous curriculum is bilingual in English and Chinese, comprises character education, and opportunities for cross-cultural experience.

We are grateful for our inspiring teachers

Preschool Director
Debra Phillips-Ondo

Class of Respect

Chinese Teacher
Mei Chu (May) Yeh

Class of Filial Piety

Chinese Teacher
Yi-Chun (Alice) Lin

Class of Courage

Chinese Teacher
Ju-Jei (Jessica) Chou

Class of Care

English Teacher
RaiZhu (Jennifer) Zhen
Chinese Teacher
Mei Ling Chen

Substitute Chinese teacher


Hui-Chin (Ms. Young) Chen